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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, May 30, 2003
The Bush administration will be providing funds to strengthen the age-weakened structure of the Old North Church in Boston, the site from which lanterns were hung signaling Paul Revere that the British were advancing.

NPR is appalled that the Bush administration would help rebuild the church, because it violates a Clinton-era policy that no federal funds would ever go to a religious institution. Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is completely incensed. After all, religious services are still held there! Eeek!

Presumably, they would rather see the church fall apart than violate policy.

I predict that Bush will make at least one campaign stop at the Old North Church. At some point, he will sit alone in the pews, his hands folded, praying to God. Please God, he will say, please let the Democrats make an issue out of this!

It is an unbeatable opportunity for the Democrats to be excessively legalistic, unpatriotic and anti-religion – all at the same time! A win-win-win situation! But none of those things matter, the Democrats will say in their defense: it’s the principle that matters.

Attitudes like that play well in the South and Midwest – regions that the Democrats are counting on to win the presidency in 2004.

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