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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, May 05, 2003

I find it hard to feel too sorry for this guy.

This man’s suffering probably means that some Israeli family will now get to see their little girl grow to adulthood. He seems like a loser, but this man would have killed my son without regrets because my son was born in the US.

So I have little sympathy.

He should blame Al Jazeera, and the fantasy jihad mentality that is so prevalent in the Middle East right now.

Prior to the war, many people thought that the exodus of jihadis to Iraq to fight the US was alarming.

I thought it was terrific: I would prefer that these junior terrorists attack head on, right into the barrels US Army tanks. It is better than what they excel at: attacking our most vulnerable citizens by surprise. The planes of 9/11 were hijacked by men like this.

The war in Iraq (and the subsequent rebuilding) is very much part of the war on terror….

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