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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The left argues something like this: Bush didn’t start the war to liberate Iraq! He started it to find weapons of mass destruction! They haven’t been found, so he has failed.

But in this war, there were so many reasons to fight: Saddam was a brutal dictator hated by his own people, he was a threat to his neighbors, he was thumbing his nose at the world by breaking the Gulf War ceasefire terms, he was working with terrorists, he was starving his people in the Oil for Food Program, and he was making weapons of mass destruction.

All of those accusations have been proven, except one.

It reminds me of the intellectual left poo-pooing of Lincoln: he didn’t go to war to free the slaves! He went to war to save the union!

Waaa! But history records that he did both.

And Bush (and Blair) will be recorded as the liberators of Iraq. And the left loses another dictator, standing up to democracy.

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