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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, May 12, 2003


A reader complained about my use of the word "diseased" in describing Arab culture.

I make no apologies. I believe if you took ten of your most politically-correct multiculturists and dumped them into Saudi Arabia, "diseased" would be about the most mild description they would give.

First, the men would be separated from the women, and the two groups would be forbidden to interact. The women would be covered from head-to-toe in cloth, told never to drive or talk to men who weren't related. They would be subjected to the wills of their husbands (and looked at very strangely if they didn't have one). Both groups would be forbidden from speaking out in any way against the government, from drinking or having sex. And it probably wouldn't go to well if they were gay, either. And if one of them were to die, their "unclean" corpses are forbidden to be buried on Saudi soil.

No, that's not diseased....

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