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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, May 19, 2003
In the Jayson Blair story, some people believe diversity is under attack.

But it's not diversity, per se, that should be questioned. It the means by which diversity is achieved. This Philadelphia Inquirer story describes another intern - an hispanic woman - who seems to be very talented and blossomed as an intern with Blair at the Times.

The striking thing about the article is that it looks like she deserved the NYT job offer: she worked her way through Baylor University, received a masters degree from Berkeley, and had two internships under her belt (the Inquirer and the Times). I suspect her resume is pretty standard stuff at (what was once known as) the most prestigious paper in the nation.

In contrast, Blair never even received his bachelor's degree from the University if Maryland. Isn't it possible that the NYT management wanted so badly to have a young black reporter that they bent the rules for him - maybe - just a little?

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