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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
An article rewrite at the Shark Blog:

"The Associated Press filed this report today, under the headline "Israel Pledges to Keep Attacking Hamas"

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pledged to keep up attacks on Hamas, and Egyptian mediators failed Monday to persuade the violent Islamic group and other militants to call a cease-fire.

Maybe the "and" should be replaced by "because". Oh, heck. Maybe the headline and lead paragraphs should be re-written as follows:

Hamas Pledges to Destroy Israel

The violent terrorist group Hamas continues to reject all appeals to stop killing civilians, insisting that it will not lay down its weapons until the Jewish state is exterminated. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pledged to continue defending his nation from Hamas terror attacks which have killed and maimed hundreds of innocent Israelis and show no signs of abating."

Stefan has it exactly right. Why does Hamas always get to play the victim in news stories?

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