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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, June 06, 2003
Blair Hornstine is turning out to be a real piece of work.

The New Jersey high school senior sued to be her school’s sole valedictorian, even though she was educated at home by private tutors and was excused from taking several classes as result of a mysterious “disability.” She is suing her school system (thus, she is suing her neighbors) for $2.7 million in damages.

Now she is admitting that several papers written for her local paper were plagiarized. She offers a lame apology, flatulently written: in effect, she says that since she was not a professional journalist, she did not know that she had to attribute direct quotations. No high school principal would buy such a crock.

The Inquirer reports that her academic work is being scrutinized for other cases of plagiarism.The Harvard Crimson reports that her acceptance to Harvard may be revoked, and a petition has been circulated and signed by 550 students demanding just that. Even if she attends, she is going to be really popular (link to Harvard obtained from Joanne Jacobs).

I’m sure that the Special Education and Learning Disability crowd is horrified.


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