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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Affirmative Actions Band Aids

Important and very true: the dismally unequal state of American education, dependent on the crutch of racial bias . (via Joanne Jacobs):

The hard fact is that there's no "evidence that the gap in credentials between black and white students is shrinking," as Justice Clarence Thomas pointed out in his dissenting opinion. To the contrary, after gaining substantially on whites in various measures of academic skills from 1971 (when comparative data were first collected) until about 1988, African-Americans have made no visible progress over the past 15 years; by some key measures, they have lost ground. If this trend continues, the number of African-Americans capable of winning admission to our most selective universities on their academic merits may well be even smaller 25 years hence than it is now.

No evidence that racial preferences are working? The academics with a near chemical dependency on “positive” bias aren’t troubled by such things (blacks have had a 70% dropout rate in college for years)! They are immune to facts and results.

The appearance of a diverse and accepting community (as fake as it is) is more important than a rigorous academic environment where people excel solely on merit.

Fake credentials have a way of catching up with reality, though, and these people shouldn’t think they are fooling anyone:

I was at lunch the other day with five young white professionals, all new parents. One man had taught science to pre-meds. He said, based on what he’d witnessed, if his son was seriously ill, there was no way he would want a black doctor.

“I love my son too much, and black doctors haven’t had the same level of preparation.”

Everyone agreed, reluctantly.

This was a group where if someone had said the word “nigger,” a fight would have broken out.

And there it is: defacto racism, brought to you by stupid liberalism.

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