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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, July 26, 2003

Krauthammer On Terror

I always feel good when I am in complete agreement with Charles Krauthammer: Don't be fooled, America is having success against terror

Why, here is the letter I wrote the other day to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The media is presenting Iraq as “a quagmire.” But the important things are happening offstage.

After 9/11, America easily eliminated two of the five most oppressive Arab governments. US aircraft carrier battle groups prowl the gulf, and American bombers can strike without warning.

America will be pumping Iraq’s oil. Paying cash for every drop, America guarantees that it will determine the global oil price in the future. OPEC is doomed.

Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia, led by tyrants dependent on rigged oil prices and beholden to corrupt militaries, have noticed.

Strategically, Iraq is a triumph.

Practical advisors to the Saudi Crown Prince are telling him that another 9/11 (an act committed by Saudis) must not be allowed to happen. If it does, his government will be finished. And the Saudis are doing things they wouldn’t do six months ago: They’re arresting terrorists, quieting fire-breathing Imans, and cooperating with the US.

They aren’t acting this way because they love us. The rage of a region has been converted to fear.

When you are winning at chess, there comes a point when you are forcing your opponent to make his moves, moves that favor you and doom him.

Now who said the war in Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism?

John Rogers

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