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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, July 25, 2003


The Philadelphia Inquirer is all for intervention in Liberia, which has no strategic benefits for the US (other than the fact that it would be nice to see peace brought to the country).

I have supported intervention in Liberia, but having the Inquirer in my corner is making me think again.

The Inquirer opposed the war in Iraq - which WAS in the strategic interests of the US - and the newspaper still can't see how Iraq had anything to do with terrorism. Every US casualty is headlined, but the fact that Iranians, Saudis and the Syrians are now cooperating with us and arresting terrorists is buried. The war has been a huge strategic success in the war on terrorism.

If the Inquirer is indicative of the kind of foreign policy "thinking" that is going on in the Democratic Party in 2004, it will be four more years of Bush.

No question.

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