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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, July 12, 2003

More on Liberia

Amritas has contrasted my opinions on Liberian with - of all people! - Charles Krauthammer. I think Charles Krauthammer is the most insightful syndicated colummnist around today, and the fact that I disagree with him bothers me.

I can't say that going into Liberia is our interest, unless we consider the goodwill of the Liberians to be in our interest (but you can't take goodwill to the bank).

All can say is that it is the evolution of my thinking. Deep down, I'm kind of liberal. I detest tyranny. If it would cost only money and no lives, I'd love to see the US destroy every tyrannical regime out there (that is why the WMD issue doesn't rankle me in Iraq; Saddam is gone and I rejoice). But of course, nothing is that simple.

In Liberia, I really think that we can do tremendous good with a very small number of US troops. I don't even think they'll have to fight. In my past as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone, I have seen some of the thugs firsthand (they were responsible for my evacuation from Sierra Leone (thank you, USMC!). The rebels don't want to fight. They don't stand for anything. The minute they see a US helicopter they'll cut and run and they'll give up the idea of a bloody siege of Monrovia. We would do the region a huge favor. West Africa never deserved this war, and it has been financed by a Moammar Kaddafi - one of big enemies. When Charles Taylor wins, so does he.

In contrast, I think getting involved in Columbia is just stupid, because I don't see us doing any good there.

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