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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Oh Stupidity....

Vaccines used to mean low earnings for pharmaceutical companies. But by requiring private insurers to cover them (!) and subsidizing the cost, you practically insure that they will be more expensive in the future.Subsidize vaccines for all, panel urges

The drug companies are going to be all for this.

Didn't these people learn anything from prescription drug price inflation? (Of course not: they'll be subsidizing prescription drugs for Medicare soon, at huge expense.)

The best way to control prices is to let the market work. People need to see how much a drug costs, and choose a generic if it doesn't seem worth the price.

It works in everything else. But medical care is a "right."

It's funny. You don't have a right to a meal or a house (and without either you'll die).

But top-of-the-line drugs and doctors, you have a right to these things!

That wonderful sense of entitlement! And we can just pass the bill onto the kids!

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