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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Peace Flakes!

Some people are scared of ghosts. Some people are scared of government (OK, government scares me a little too...).

But, really: This woman scares the shit out of me.

How can someone (presumably) graduate from high school without ever having considered the importance that war has played in human progress?

History screams it: War works. War works to end dictatorships, to repel invaders, to protect the innocent and secure the peace. War is a tool without which there could be no freedom.

Nonviolent solutions, of course, are ideal. And war, sadly, is often terrible and pointless.

But there is no denying that history without war would be history without progress.

I love this:

If your child asks, “What about bad people, who try to hurt us, like Sadaam Hussein?” Let them know that there are other ways we can deal with Sadaam and people like him without bombing a country.

(We can) work with our United Nations and with other countries to contain, even arrest, those who commit crimes against humanity, as we did with Slobodan Milosovich. He was captured and tried in the World Court and is now in jail.

Naomi Klein forgets about the huge bombing campaign that made Milosevic's arrest possible. And weirdly, she seems to believe that the peaceful arrest of dictators is a possiblity.

Maybe we should have tried that with Hitler!

What scares me more than anything is that people like her are drawn to children in the same way pedophiles are. They've got to get them while their young and naive.

She better keep the hell away from mine. I'll spray her with FlakeBeGone!TM if she even gets close...

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