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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Turtle Tracking Trauma

Mommy, what happened to Sparky?

"When the signal from a huge sea turtle that was being tracked by satellite disappeared, researchers thought its transmitter had fallen off.

In fact, the turtle had found its way onto the menu at a Mexican village BBQ. The movements of the110 kilogram East Pacific green turtle had been tracked for several months. It swam from its nesting site in southern Mexico to feeding grounds in Baja California, a 1500 kilometre peninsula on Mexico's Pacific coast. But signals from the transmitter stopped.

Some months later a researcher quizzed poachers who told him the 50 year old turtle had been scoffed at a village BBQ.

Thousands of children had been following the turtles progress on the internet. Research indicated that about 30,000 green turtles meet the same fate in this area each year."

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