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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, September 18, 2003


Best of the Web Today::
Indian Giving

Remember back in April 2001, when we noted that the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, led by the noisome Mary Frances Berry, had issued a statement calling on all schools to abolish Indian-themed nicknames for their sports teams?

The reason we're bringing this up all these months later, though, is that it's come to our attention, thanks to Netcraft.com, that the U.S. Civil Rights Commission's Web site is running an Apache server.

That name - Mary Frances Berry - was familar to me. Here's why. I seem to remember this George Will column, where she was described in detail:

Some whales have vestigial legs because their prehistoric ancestors were land mammals. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is a vestigial leg on whale-like Washington. The commission has no serious function, other than to illustrate how far things have evolved.

Its head is a black woman, Mary Frances Berry, who, like many antebellum plantation owners and today's civil rights lobby, believes blacks cannot cope with life in predominantly white America, that they are comprehensively victimized and must be perpetual wards of paternalistic government...

...When Berry goes to Heaven (for her, the Soviet Union with China's educational system), her remains should be treated--she should like this--as Lenin's have been: preserved under glass as a reminder of the exotic fauna that once roamed through American politics.

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