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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, September 19, 2003

Clown Court

Federal appeals court to reconsider recall postponement

I kind of saw this coming. The court knows that if this ruling goes to the Supreme Court, it's history: the Ninth US Court of Appeals has had 70% of its rulings overturned by the Supreme Court. Some of them are notably ridiculous: they once argued that a prison inmate had a legal "right" to inseminate (artificially) his wife, but they never considered that, perhaps, women inmates might claim the same "right" (it really is a shame that prison has such an unfortunate effect on one's social life....).

They know how dubious this California recall ruling was. Its logic was ridiculous, and it has been criticized from the both the left and the right. It even had a parochial tone, indirectly commenting on US foreign policy.

Don't get me wrong: I think the California recall is a terrible idea. California puts itself in a horrible position. Spending increases win overwhelmingly in public referendums, but property taxes are capped. You can't have it both ways. There is a reason why representative democracy is superior to direct democracy.

Davis is a slime. He lied and told CA that everything was OK, even when he knew better. But he is exactly what California deserves.

They were dumb enough to vote for him, and they should be stuck with him for his term.

Anything else invites anarchy.

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