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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, September 04, 2003

Only In Philly

A corrupt mayor's political machine "creates" a campaign using forged signatures. It is amateurish, using names like "Adam Bomb" and "Rusty Bedspring" on an election petition. (Ha! Ha!)

The opponent of the mayor complains, sues and the court case takes six months to be resolved. Lawyers dogfight over whether Mr. Bedspring or Mr. Bomb even exist. The silly local paper is mum about the details of the petition, making it look as though the mayor's opponent - who happens not to be Democrat (a requirement in Philly politics)- is a nitpicky bastard.

Eventually, the case goes against the mayor. One of his campaign workers throws a few firebombs, and destroys one his opponent's campaign offices.

The Mayor, unlikeable and corrupt, will win re-election anyway. Pretty easily.

Another year in Philly.

This is how the city got itself into such a shithole, and it is evidence that the mayor's political machine is still digging.

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