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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, September 12, 2003

Saddam's Stone

Saddam has a magic stone around his neck that protects him from harm.

The most commonly held view in Baghdad is that Hussein wore a "magic" stone around his neck, which warded off assassins' bullets.

"It's all true about the magic stone," says car dealer Mokhaled Mohammed, sitting in a cafe on Baghdad's upmarket Arasat Street. "First of all, he put it on a chicken and tried to shoot it. Then he put it on a cow, and the bullets went around it."

Hey, that would convince me. Unless I knew Saddam was drunk.

"Deed see that, Uday? Hiccup! I missed dee cow! I never miss dee cow!"

This sounds like the movie "The Crow:" If we want to kill Hussein, we must first get the stone. It is from the stone that he gets power.

Without it, he will be powerless.

Anyone see Hussein hanging out with an Asian woman who gouges out people's eyes?

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