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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, October 31, 2003

Dean: I'm A "Metrosexual"

Well put. From Q and O:
Tom Maguire notes that "in the millisecond between assertion and retraction, Dean's entire Southern "strategy" passed before his eyes."

One does have to wonder how that will play in the South.

Bill: "Honey, that Dean feller just called hisself a 'meterasekshul". Any idear what that is?"

Carol: "I don't know, dear....maybe he has relations on city buses?

Bill: "naw, I doubt it. I cain't see that feller ridin public transpertashun. I think he might be one a them, whatyacallit, folks who know how to match their pants and their shirt. I ain't sure I can vote for a feller like that."

Carol: "Dear, you haven't voted since Jimmy Carter."

Bill: "You're damned straight. If ya cain't trust a peanut farmer from Georgia, who can ya trust? Not one of these here meterasekshuls, that's fer sure. I ain't votin for em!"

Carol: "...but you never vote anyway."

Bill: "Well, this year, I ain't votin for him, specifically."

Yep. Howard Dean better get caught kissing his wife, and soon. Also, it wouldn't hurt if he made a few campaign stops at Hooters before Super Tuesday rolls around.

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