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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Kucinich Website. No, He's Not Retarded!

MR. STEPHANOPOULOS: Congressman Kucinich, you get the last question. The one time you had executive responsibility as mayor of Cleveland the city went bankrupt. How do you respond to those who will say that you'll do for America what you did for Cleveland? (Laughter.)

REP. KUCINICH: . . .I also want to remind you that in Cleveland that default ends up being a badge of honor for me because I stood up for the people of Cleveland against a takeover of our municipal electric system by a utility monopoly.

Oh yeah, this'll work:
The restoration of the rights of workers in America and throughout the North American continent will begin when we repeal NAFTA.

And Dennis wants to go in the wrong direction on Social Security:
"I see a new horizon for Social Security in America, through restoring the age of retirement to 65 years, instead of the current 67 years.

Yes, this guy is a hoot.

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