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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Mad As Hell

I'm so angry about this I can barely speak: Bush Promises to Sign Medicare Overhaul.

It seems that fiscal conservatives have two non-choices out there: bigger government and much bigger government.

Enjoy those drugs, seniors!

The money is coming out of my son's paycheck.

Where does he work?

He doesn't work! He's only three years old.

Oh, don't worry, and please don't feel any guilt!

His brother will chip in too! He's six months old.

I'll try to raise them to be good workers, but it is going to be hard to teach them not to cheat on their taxes.

Every politician in Washington knows that Medicare's spending is unsustainable. They know that Social Security will never pay a dime to anyone who is currently under forty. But they won't be seeking election in 2030, so they don't care.

They have sold the future for their short term political gain. These are the same people who were
"appalled" by Enron's arrogance, yet they are doing something many times more criminal.

Only five senators (all conservative Republicans from the South and West) voted against this bill for the right reasons. They know that Medicare is out of control.

The other Senators voted against it because it doesn't take enough money from my sons.

Fiscal conservatives have lost this battle, but we're going to win this war.

The future for fiscal conservatism is bright in the US.

In Europe, the average person will be 55 in 2030. In the US, the average person will be 35.

Try to get elected telling a 30-year-olds that you need to raise taxes by 30% because social security is running out of money.

You'll be unemployed, and granny is going out on the street.

But that is an exaggeration.

What will actually happen is granny will be moving in with her children.

And this will alleviate another great non-crisis in America: the lack of affordable child care.

My sons may have some strange political views, but I can guarantee that they will be fiscal conservatives.

Their survival will depend on it.

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