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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, December 01, 2003

Saddam Was No Threat!

Yes, Saddam had learned his lesson from Gulf War I, and he was deeply contrite about all the violations of the Gulf War ceasefire. He was looking forward to good relations with his neighbors, and all of those scientists studying obscure diseases like Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever were only looking for a cure. He felt bad about all the people in the mass graves, and he was not planning on killing any more. He was looking forward to being welcomed back into the peaceful world, as a reliable friend and a global partner.

And then the US came along, removing him from power for no reaseon at all! Evil warmongering Americans!

Oh yeah, and Saddam - ever the curious intellectual - was looking to develop a space program too!

What else would Saddam do with rocket production lines?

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