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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Speak Up, NYT!

The New York Times chastises everyone involved in flu vaccine selection and production, copping a know-it-all attitude and typical Times arrogance: How Not to Pick a Flu Vaccine

What are their suggestions for improvement? They offer none.

They acknowledge that the selection of strains had to occur in March to allow time for production, and that adding the difficult to produce Fujian A strain was very likely to cause huge delays that might leave the country facing this flu outbreak with no vaccine at all.

They moan about the vaccine shortage, but I've never seen them eager to reimburse companies in years when flu vaccine demand is overestimated, and they are left with millions of unused and outdated doses.

In short, all they are doing is bitching that the world's not perfect.

And these are the geniuses that think Medicare and Social Security need to be further expanded.

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