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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Bush keeps spending!

This looks like a nice fat target for a veto. But don't count on it from this president:
Spending bill nears Senate approval

WASHINGTON - The Senate seemed prepared to approve an overdue $373 billion spending bill by next week after Democrats said yesterday that they would no longer stall the bill over rules on food labeling and other issues.

90% of this bill is lard: it gives $2 million to set up a golf education course, for example. Another million or so to Philly's "Please Touch" museum - probably enough to get old Arlen Specter to vote for it.

I mean, it is sponsored by Maryland's Paul Sarbanes - one of the biggest spenders in Congress - so it has to be a turkey!

Bush's domestic policy sucks. He is spending more than Clinton! But I have the knowledge that all of the leading democratic contenders would be worse on spending:
If the policy agenda of any one of the eight candidates were enacted in full, annual federal spending would rise by at least $169.6 billion (Lieberman) and as much as $1.33 trillion (Sharpton). This would translate to a yearly budget hike of between 7.6% and 59.5%.

(Link found courtesy of Q and O)

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