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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, January 22, 2004

Is this the best you can do, George?

Oh boy. We fiscal conservatives are leaping for joy now:
Bush to Propose Sharp Reduction in Budget Growth (emphasis mine)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Under fire from fiscal conservatives over record budget deficits, President Bush will propose limiting overall growth in spending not connected to defense or homeland security next year to less than 1 percent, administration officials said on Thursday.

At the same time, Bush will propose boosting homeland security spending by approximately 9.7 percent in his fiscal 2005 budget, which will be sent to Congress on Feb. 2, officials said.

A less than 1 percent cap on non-defense, non-homeland security discretionary spending would be the tightest budget proposed by Bush so far. That compares to projected growth of around 4 percent in the same discretionary programs in the current 2004 fiscal year.

Get that? A "sharp reduction" in growth. Yippee!

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