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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, January 03, 2004

They Know. They Just Know.

Airliner Crashes Into The Red Sea

Emergency crews have found wreckage from a chartered Boeing 737 airliner carrying 13 crew and 135 French tourists that crashed into the Red Sea shortly after taking off from the Egyptian seaside resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh today.

A statement from Egypt's Aviation Ministry said the crash was an accident.

No need to investigate. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Here are the facts as they now appear: The plane crashed after it was turning back toward Sharm el-Sheikh. Tony Blair just happens to be staying in a hotel in Sharm el-Shiekh. No distress call was sent (a pilot turning back to the airport doesn't tell the tower he's coming back?). Witnesses said they heard an explosion. Egypt says the crash was a result of technical fault on the airplane, but the pilot said nothing about this and the black boxes have not yet been analyzed. The plane had recently passed a safety inspection.

That doesn't sound the least bit suspicious to me.

Concluding something before an investigation has begun is a clear sign of whitewash. How can they rule out the possiblity of sabotage? The possiblity of a struggle in the cockpit? Why the radio silence? Planes don't usually explode for no reason, but they frequently explode when a bomb goes off in them. Is it entirely a coincidence that the plane was leaving Sharm el-Sheikh?

The French also say that this was clearly a technical problem with the plane. They are as eager as the Egyptians to have that be the case.

Non! Non! We are progressive in our relations with the Arabs! We can not be victims of terror! Only the Americans can!

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