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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, February 12, 2004

That boring WMD non-issue....

Oh, ho hum.

The president is rattling on about WMD again. The intelligence was wrong in Iraq, and surely it's wrong again:

A. Q. Khan (the scientist who ran Pakistan's nuclear program) operated mostly out of Pakistan. He served as director of the network, its leading scientific mind, as well as its primary salesman. Over the past decade, he made frequent trips to consult with his clients and to sell his expertise. He and his associates sold the blueprints for centrifuges to enrich uranium, as well as a nuclear design stolen from the Pakistani government. The network sold uranium hexafluoride, the gas that the centrifuge process can transform into enriched uranium for nuclear bombs. Khan and his associates provided Iran and Libya and North Korea with designs for Pakistan's older centrifuges, as well as designs for more advanced and efficient models. The network also provided these countries with components, and in some cases, with complete centrifuges.

To increase their profits, Khan and his associates used a factory in Malaysia to manufacture key parts for centrifuges. Other necessary parts were purchased through network operatives based in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. These procurement agents saw the trade in nuclear technologies as a shortcut to personal wealth, and they set up front companies to deceive legitimate firms into selling them tightly controlled materials

It must be wrong.

But even if it isn't: Americans don't care anyway. They really want to talk about education and health care. We simply must find a way to get the government to totally pay for granny's drugs and all her operations. That's the issue that really matters to the American voter.

Foreign policy is on the back burner, the press tells us.

Incineration of American cities? Highly theoretical rubbish! The preoccupation of inferior minds...The people who read Clancy novels and other trash.

Enough sarcasm.

Sometimes I feel like we are living in a period of incredible blindness, like the ones that preceded Pearl Harbor and Sept 11th.

What dark days lie in our future? The days of nuclear terrorism are fast approaching and the nation is roiled by differing opinions on .... ?? ...

Dealing with the threats of Al Qaeda?

What to do about Pakistan's duplicity or North Korea's belligerence?

Strategy to head off a nuclear attack on our cities?

No, the most fervent debate is on whether gay people's unions should be recognized as marriages.

Or civil unions.

Or "living in sin."

Oh brother....

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