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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, March 22, 2004

African Americans vs. Europeans

In a recent blogging experience at Geoff Castle's blog, I made an offhand comment, repeating something that I had read many times before:

The income of average European is roughly the same as the average African American.

That is, most Europeans are no better off than American blacks, who liberals view as a "disadvantaged" group.

I was immediately called a liar, and asked to prove it.

I think I did:

Per Capita GDP's of several European countries:

France.....$26,000 (ppp adjusted dollars, 2002 data)

We'll be nice and say the average European GDP is $25,500.

The average US per capita GDP is .....$36,300.

25,500/36,300 = 70 percent.

"Nationally, the average black household income in 2002 was about $29,000, compared with about $42,000 for all races, according a Census Bureau report."

29,000/42,000 = 69 percent.

Conclusion: the average European is about as well off as the average American black.

Liberals should be called upon to admit one of the following:

1) Europeans are much poorer than we thought


2) African-Americans have it much better than we thought.

Anything less is nuance.

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