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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, March 23, 2004

A fool's campaign

FBI Spied on Kerry in '70s, Report Says
Reports that the FBI monitored John Kerry's anti-war activities in the early 1970s highlight the need "to be vigilant about civil liberties," the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said Monday.

In a radio interview Monday evening on WBZ-AM in Boston, Kerry said the reports are "such ancient history."

"It's just sort of in the past, but it underscores to everyone of us why we have to be vigilant about civil liberties, why we have to have an attorney general who respects the Constitution, and why our Bill of Rights is so important in the United States," said Kerry, who was on vacation in Sun Valley.

Kerry was smart to call this story "ancient history," but he lacks the discipline to leave it there.

He may wish he had.

The more the press snoops around this story, they closer they will come to this:
The Kerry campaign hopes this wipes out questions raised by the New York Sun's coverage of Kerry's attendance at a 1971 Vietnam Veterans Against the War meeting at which some activists had a conversation about possibly assassinating US Senators. That said, it doesn't account for the campaign's earlier insistence that Kerry was not present at that VVAW meeting when, in fact, he was.

That will not play well on TV, and it is the last thing Kerry wants to be discussing.

Just keep talking, John.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the FBI story link.

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