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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, March 20, 2004

March Reads

I have a list of blogs I travel to just to see what they are talking about. They are all on my blogroll on the right (under Interesting Reads), and I visit them frequently to see what's going on. They are all great blogs, but I want to discipline myself to reach out and read more of the stuff that is out there.

This month, I've picked several blogs that I will add to my frequent visit list. These sites looked interesting on the first visit, and I will checking back every day or so to see what they are talking about:

It Can't Rain All The Time...
die puny humans
Quotes, Thoughts, and other Ramblings
A Man Needs A Fish Like A Woman Needs a Bicycle
Everything I Know is Wrong
All Agitprop, all the time

I just need to broaden things out a little.

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