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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Oh, Richard Cohen....

The world is changing.

The herd of great beasts lumbers in search of water.

Once they were the giants of the land, feared by all. But now they are steadily being overtaken by quick thinking, warm-blooded, scurrying little creatures.

The herd is ignorant of its coming extinction, ignorant of everything except the importance of continuing its plodding journey to quench its thirst.

But a single paleo-liberal ignores the group, and turns his head to see the approaching meteor.

He isn't quite able to grasp what it all means:
Bit by bit, the UN is making itself look both silly and bigoted in the place that matters most to it - the U.S. The UN's persistently one-sided resolutions, its proclivity to blame Israel for everything and the Palestinians for nothing - not even for repeatedly rejecting every peace plan offered them - reduces it to irrelevance.

But this dinosaur still feels that US foreign policy should be subject to the UN's OK.

He just feels that way, he can't explain it.

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