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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, March 22, 2004

Slimy Euros

Oh my:

EU ministers issued a statement condemning what they called the assassination of Sheikh Yassin, saying it has inflamed the situation in the Middle East. The statement reflected the views just expressed by Mr. Straw, saying Israel is not entitled to carry out what the ministers described as extra-judicial killings.

Shame on these people.

Sheikh Yassin was committed to the murder of 9 million Jews and the destruction of their country. The man makes Yassir Arafat look good.

This man was no "partner for peace."

He is Israel's Osama, and I'm glad he's dead.

The Europeans applaud as Spain rounds up the men who killed hundreds of Spainards.

But when Israel gets a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Jews, it condemns the action.

And if Israel had merely arrested Yassin, they would have condemned that too.

If it makes the Palestinians upset, the Europeans get upset.

Some allies, huh?

What do you think, John Kerry? I can't wait to hear him get on both sides of this story.

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