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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, March 25, 2004

Stupid French Arabs

French Group Suspends Train Bomb Threats
PARIS — A mysterious group that claimed to have planted bombs on the French railroad network announced Thursday it is suspending its terror threats while it improves its ability to carry them out.

Help Wanted: Shadowy terrorist organization seeks skilled bomb maker. Experience destroying civilian targets a plus. Applicant must be a self starter who shares our irrational hatred for infidels. Good salary, benefits. Seventy-two virgin retirement plan available. All explosives provided, but the directions are confusing.

UPDATE: AZF may be a small, incompetent terrorist group, but the French are eager to surrender anyway:

Over the past three months, a group called AZF - thought to consist of no more than two people - has threatened to detonate bombs under trains unless the French state pays a ransom, originally set at €5m (£3.3m).

The French government has communicated with the blackmailers by telephone, and through coded newspaper small ads. It has also made two unsuccessful attempts to pay the ransom.

Careful, before anyone thinks the French are wimping out, it may just be clever ruse by the greatest French policeman ever.

(Hat tip to Sean for the Independent article)

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