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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, April 15, 2004

Circular arguments...

I couldn't have said it better than Myria:
There are some subjects I avoid discussing here or anywhere else, avoid even mentioning if I can. Abortion is a good example of this, a subject upon which any reasoned discussion is almost impossible. Mention the subject and extremist will appear, like the ghosts of SCOTUS decisions past, to duke it out in their eternal verbal war where no position is too extreme, no argument too ludicrous to be made, no quarter can be given or accepted. Both sides are so full of it that they stink to the high heavens, but, far worse, they are predictable in the extreme. Give me the context and I can write the arguments both sides will use, and likely write them better than they can. We’ve all heard the arguments so many times that we know them by heart, are sick of hearing them, and we just tune out or go away whenever the subject comes up. The two extreme sides have become so extreme, with no peace possible short of total and utter victory and the complete and utter anihilation of one’s enemies, that any real discussion on the subject has become next to impossible.

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