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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Department of Creating New Departments (DCND)

All AgitProp, all the Time:
Well, it took sixty years, but it finally happened.(Granted, this item may not be terribly significant for anyone that didn't attend a French school, but anyway... Ironically, La Vanguardia published this in the 'Living' section...)

Remains of the author of 'The Little Prince''s plane are finally found
Paris. (EFE). - Remains of the plane flown by French pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupry, author of 'The Little Prince', have been found off the shores of Marseilles sixty years after his disappearance, according to the Department of Submarine Archeological Investigations (DRASSM).

Jeebus, the French really do have a department for everything, don't they?

The Department of Submarine Archeological Investigations? You've got to be kidding me!

I guess this is how one third of the French population can be employed by the state.

When the nanny state begins to collapse under its own weight, this country is going to be hit.


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