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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, April 20, 2004


This was something I didn't know about the Korean War.

Apparently, Stalin was watching:
Harry Truman did so, when he sent General Douglas MacArthur to the relief of South Korea. What were the Koreans to us? And yet, the people of Western Europe held their breaths in horror, waiting to see if America would save the Koreans -- for if we did not, then Stalin, the most feral of all the 20th century monsters, would be emboldened to invade Western Europe. Revisionist historians may jeer at such an interpretation, yet I have interviewed an American naval attachee who described to me a young German woman rushing to embrace him in the streets of Bonn, when news of the Inchon landing came, saying, 'you have saved us!' And I know from the history of the former Yugoslavia that Marshal Tito told his cabinet the same thing -- that MacArthur's daring action had prevented Stalin from marching into Yugoslavia, into Italy, into West Germany, and beyond.

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