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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, April 19, 2004

Oh Hillary....

Hillary Clinton: Now can we talk about health care ?:
Think for a moment about recent advances in genetic testing. Knowing you are prone to cancer or heart disease or Lou Gehrig's disease may give you a fighting chance. But just try, with that information in hand, to get health insurance in a system without strong protections against discrimination for pre-existing or genetic conditions.

OK, Hillary Clinton: If you were the CEO of a struggling insurance company, would you offer insurance to a group of patients with pre-existing or genetic conditions ?

If you say no, you are guilty of hypocrisy, asking something from others that you would never demand of yourself.

If you say yes, you doom your company to bankruptcy. Think of your employees, stockholders (and yes they do matter), and the people you already insure. They trust you to run a solvent company.

In reality, Hillary wants this burden on the government.

Government is skilled at removing red tape: just look at your tax return. They'll clear up the complicated world of health care up in a jiffy!

As we all know, Washington has piles of money lying around looking to be spent. And the federal government will never go bankrupt, no matter how silly its business practices are.

Yeah, right.

But hey, if she has her way, there will be a massive new group of voters massively dependent on the government, inclined to vote democratic just to keep the checks coming to them.

No word on where that money will come from...the people who will earn it aren't yet of voting age.

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