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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Sshh! Don't tell anyone!

Jerusalem Post:
However, various sources in the Gaza Strip identified the new leader as Mahmoud Zahar, a veteran Hamas official who escaped an attempt on his life last year when the IAF fired missiles at his home. One of Zahar's sons, Khaled, was killed in the attack. Zahar himself was lightly wounded.

'According to the movement's internal regulations, Hamas has filled the place of Rantisi, but we have decided not to announce his name,' said a Hamas statement issued in Gaza City.

That would be MAHMOUD ZAHAR, who lives in a blue house at 14 Happy Jihad Lane in Gaza, one block east of the The Smiling Martyr's Quik-E-Mart.

P.S. And keep it a secret that he likes to take a morning jog at 6 a.m!

(Story found via Best of the Web)

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