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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, April 12, 2004


From Moxie via QandO:
This is an emailed anecdote from a reader. I reprint here....

'I am an accountant. One woman came in with a significant income.

After doing her taxes and getting her itemized deductions to $12,000+ (including a whopping $150 charity deduction through her company) she received a $5,000 refund.

I then explained her taxes and made a point of showing how much was the result of the recent tax cuts.

She said she would rather not have the cut, they should use the money for schools and she would be voting Democrat to 'fix the problem.'

I said she could give the money to any school she wanted to...

She said she gave plenty (remember the $150?)

I then went back into her taxes and dropped it to the standard deduction ($4750) and explained that just because she was entitled to the itemized deductions, no law required that she take them.

She told me to put the deductions back the way they were.

She signed her taxes in silence and left in a huff. As she left she said 'You clearly don't understand'

I understand...

She wanted to tell everyone that she was a compassionate person who wanted more money for schools...

Yet she wanted every penny she could get.'"

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