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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Attempted paddleboat theft!

Article via Tim Blair:
Aussie soldiers wake each day to the sun rising over Saddam's personal lake, recline on his gilt-trimmed furniture and marvel how one man could squander so much of his country's wealth.

The Australians remain on full alert, however, for stealthy paddle boat raiders:

'One night while we were sitting around here on picket (guard duty) about 11pm I noticed a row boat out on the water and behind the row boat I could see a head moving towards us,' [Sergeant Mark Dowling] recalled.

'The person I was with shone a torch on him and said 'what are you bloody doing mate'.

'He (an American soldier) looked at us and said 'I just thought it was a nice night for a swim' and swam off.

He was obviously trying to steal our paddle boat.'

Those Americans!

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