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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, May 20, 2004


Kerry revives '92 election theme to attack Bush:
Too many people have been sort of cast aside -- no health insurance, no ability to get child care for their kids, no ability to find a job that fits what they were educated for, no ability to get ahead even though they're working harder,' the senator told the audience of about 150.

Kerry is switching gears now that the economy has created half a million jobs in the first half of 2004.

Sure, we're creating jobs, just not the right jobs.As if government had control over such things.

But this line sticks in my craw: "no ability to find a job that fits what they were educated for."

It hints that Kerry is completely unaware of another (obvious) problem in higher education: many college graduates did not spend their time in college preparing to do any kind of job.

People should be free to study what they wish: Ceramics, Women's Studies, flute playing, African culture, Radio, TV and Film (RTF - "rather than fail"), but blaming the president because the economy is not behaving like a liberal arts institution is another matter.

In college, an art major is equal to an engineering major.

In the job market, that equality ends. English majors always have problems finding jobs that will pay them to read Shakespeare, even when the economy is roaring. People doing hiring don't care what a 23-year-old thinks about much of anything; they want to know what she can do.

The sooner students understand this, the better.

Perhaps Kerry has been spending too much time around intellectual elites to understand this.

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