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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Sex Corps

From The Marmot's (Final) Hole: Sex soldiers combat sexual frustration among Japanese women
Kim says his experience as a sex guidance counselor has showed him the number of sexually frustrated women in Japan appears to be increasing continuously, which is where the Sex Volunteer Corps comes in - literally.

"Most of the women who come to me for help are married. And an overwhelming number of them married young, gave birth quickly and have never known any man other than their husband. Their husbands tend to regard them only as mothers instead of women and they've been sexless for years," Kim says. "Women like these are sexually frustrated, with some even seeking medical treatment for their condition. What they're going through, though, isn't something you can fix up just by prescribing some sort of medicine. What they really need is sex."

Kim's Corps, then, becomes the core of the solution for these troubled women...

"...Most of them have been career-oriented types who've submerged their femininity to try and compete on a level footing with men. But there're also a lot of married women who were virgins when they wed, usually to husbands who had also never experienced sex before, and then they simply lost the chance to ever make love together and the years went by," Kim tells Asahi Geino.

For these women, the men's weekly says, Kim's Corps are offering a physical type of medical treatment.

Wow, what a job.

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