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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, June 17, 2004


Kerry declared that 'America deserves a White House as cheeky and sexy as itself,' and angrily challenged White House political director Karl Rove to 'stop questioning my sexiness.'

When asked about her husband's remarks during a taped interview for CBS Evening News, Heinz Kerry giggled that 'oh I'm cheeky, I'm sexy, whatever,' and returned the complement to Kerry.

'Oh, you should see John at Baden-Baden or Marienbad, strolling around the spa,' she explained. 'Every countess from Lichtenstein to Monaco is hungrily eyeing his shimmering Speedo, but I know he's coming home -- because only Madame Teresa can give bad little boys like John Kerry the special discipline they need.'

When visibly ill reporter Byron Pitts remarked that 'I mean, like, aren't you like 78 years old or something?' Heinz Kerry replied that 'age is merely a state of mind.'

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