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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, July 07, 2004


An important milestone in my son's intellectual development has just been achieved. Thank God!

Background: my sons watch very little TV. Last night, the younger son decided to be a bastard (he was hungry). Because dinner wasn't ready, we turned on the Teletubbies to distract him.

The toddler enters something that resembles a drug induced haze when the Teletubbies are on , and he will watch, without complaint, for quite some time. It is the best excuse for TV that I am aware of.

The older son Sean noted that the TV was on (on a sunny summer day, this is an oddity). He was drawn to its hypnotic glare: the prospect of watching big furry alien creatures on ecstacy is a potent lure.

But something was not right. The Teltubbies coudn't get the machine working that makes the Tubby Toast. They kept trying, time and time again, to get the stupid machine to work. Sean was getting frustrated.

"No, you Tubby-tubbies! It's broken! Can't you see that?"

He was yelling at the TV, red faced and mad. When I got in the room, he was hitting the chair in frustration.

"No! Tubby tubbies! You have to get it fixed! Stupid!"

My son has finally noticed that the Teletubbies are, well, retarded. It's an important step.

And as added bonus, I get see my wife's absolute intolerance for stupidity taking bloom in my son. The outrage, the disgust, the yelling at the TV - that's all Betsy.

Sean was so mad I had to comfort him.

Just like Mom.

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