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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, July 09, 2004

The frogs! The frogs!

The moral superiority of our betters in Europe is on display, yet again.

The Economist believes that the Darfur killers can be brought to heel fairly easily:
Since Mr Bashir’s regime is so weak, a tough approach by America, the UN and Sudan’s neighbours (on Wednesday, the African Union echoed Mr Powell’s calls for the militia’s disarming) ought to yield results. Besides the stick of sanctions, the carrot of aid is being offered, if a formal peace deal with the southern rebels is signed. If there is no response, America may also have to consider establishing a no-fly zone over Darfur, like the one that protected the Kurds in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

So the best way to end the ongoing massacre in Darfur is sanctions and pressure. Got it.

Let's do it. By all means, let's do something to end the senseless genocide going there.

Who would oppose that?

Oh, them: France opposes UN Sudan sanctions

This wouldn't have anything to do with France's massive oil interests in the Sudan, would it?

Or is it just part of the French plan: cozying up to mass murderers in the Arab world so the French can get on the Arab good side?

That French appeasement gene expresses itself once again.

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