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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, July 08, 2004

Give me my shrimp

QandO: Consumers penalized by government shrimp tariff

McQ is dead on:
It seems the Commerce Department has decided in a ruling issued tuesday that "China and Vietnam have been dumping their product in the US market at unfair prices."

When I read that, my question was "unfair to whom?"

That was answered the very next paragraph when I read the word "tariff". Unfair to whom? US shrimpers apparently. It seems that because of China and Vietnam, and to a lesser extent Thailand, Brazil, Ecuador and India, American consumers have been able to enjoy their favorite seafood at a much lower price.

Well, by God, not any more.

According to Wally Stevens, President of the American Seafood Distribution Association: "If U.S. shrimpers were to get the penalties they want, shrimp prices would rise 44 percent," he said.

That sucks.

Give me the cheap shrimp.

If you can't make a living harvesting shrimp in America, don't harvest shrimp.

It's interesting how no one ever argues for protection from cheap oil.....

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