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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Gore, v 2.0

I watched about 15 seconds of the Democratic National convention last night. It was the part where they wheeled out Al Gore, V 2.0.

I've had my fill.

I know little about robots. I work with some, but they perform repetive functions that you couldn't hire a person to do.

I had a no idea that robot technology had advanced so far in so little time.

Gore v. 2.0 is very lifelike, but he still did not fool me.

Fifteen seconds of program code and I knew what was going on:

Gorebot, v 2.0. Copyright, 2004 DNC focus groups 1-4.

Run sequence: "Candid:"
head swivel 15 degrees clockwise - check
smirk enabled - check.
Eyebrows tilt upward - check.
Run sequence: "Sincere."

Cue voice, after "golly gee shucks" laugh.
Look "wistfull-" check.


"You know," Pause one second, run sequence "Candid."

"I kinda hoped to be here under different circumstances."

Hands in front, grasping invisible ball- check
Eyes direct toward camera - check.
Voice elevated - check.
Crescendo enabled.

"I hoped I'd be here talking about my re-election as President of The United States!"

Pause for applause - check.
Smirk smile enabled - check.
Head nodd - check

John Rogers : hand to remote - check.
"Click. Hello, Discovery Channel."

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