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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, July 15, 2004

If you repeat it enough, maybe it will become true

From the Shark Blog:
Kerry Lied!!!!!!!

John Kerry:'We've got more African Americans in jail than we do in college. That's unacceptable,' he added.

In fact, it seems that there are more than twice as many African Americans in college than in jail.

U.S. Census Bureau (2000): African Americans in college: 2,224,181

U.S. DoJ Office of Justice Programs: 'Prison and Jail Inmates at MidYear 2003' (p.11): 'Table 13. Number of inmates in state or federal prisons or local jails' -- Black Americans in jail: 899,200.

Those nearly 900,000 incarcerated African Americans still represent a tragic waste of lives and potential. But fortunately, things are not nearly as gloomy as John Kerry wants to believe they are.

It's possible that Kerry is basing his claims on other data, but it would be interesting to learn what his sources are.

Of course, all politicians lie.

But once your lie has been debunked, why repeat it again?

(via What if)

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