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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, July 27, 2004

My big prediction

CIA Officials: UBL Will Be Caught

John Rogers: UBL will never be caught, because he is dead.

My conspiracy theory: I believe the CIA is maintaining the myth that Bin Laden is alive.

In reality, Bin Laden was killed somewhere in Afghanistan, though no one is sure where or when. I think a number of people in the CIA are pretty sure he is dead, but they are keeping this secret, and letting the world think that he is still out there.

Such a strategy has advantages.

First, it reminds everyone that the War on Terror is far from finished.

But more importantly, it throws confusion into Al Qaeda, and makes it impossible for them to name a successor. Since no one in Al Qaeda is really sure what happened to him (such is the confusion of war), their attempts to contact Al Qaeda leadership are likely to be heard by CIA listeners. Using this kind of information, the CIA has been able to get some key Al Qaeda people (Hello, Khalid Mohammed!).

Strangely, people on the Left (who should know better) are eager to embrace the CIA's word as gospel whenever the organization says that Bin Laden is alive. After all, it makes Bush look bad. He failed to "get" Bin Laden!

But the CIA's purpose is (not necessarily) to tell the truth.

The CIA's purpose is US national security. Keeping Bin Laden alive serves that purpose better, in my opinion.

Jsut a thought, and I'm the first to admit I could be wrong.

OK, no more conspiracy theories from this blog.

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