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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, July 19, 2004

Our weekend

We went up to State College area to visit relatives this weekend, and we had a great time. It's beautiful country up there, and until Sunday at least, we had wonderful weather.

However, it was hard to tell if Sean enjoyed the weekend with his cousins.

He's a tough read, this sullen boy, and it is often difficult to see through his depressed exterior. Giggling like a maniac at the amusement park or playing joyously in the pool, I'm going to hazard a guess that he had a OK time. (I think he likes his cousins better than he likes his parents....).

Sean loves fast rides with high g-forces - I thought this surprising for a three- year-old, and I was amazed that after trying every fast ride he could get on for his height, he was never frightened.

He loved exploring places with his cousins and getting to stay up late.

When it came time to leave, he started to cry.
On the way home we went to Stoudts Brewery and restaurant (very good food) where dad met Carol Stoudt - a legendary woman in brewery circles - kind of like an Eastern version of Fritz Maytag.

All the good beer reminded dad of his brewing days. I don't brew much anymore.

Here's an irony: in central PA (not known for its Italian neighborhoods and markets), we had some absolutely terrific pizza. Upon returning to Bryn Mawr - with several Italian neighborhoods and markets in close proximity - Sean's tired parents opted for "Frozenonis" pizza, which we chipped out of the permafrost in the back of our freezer. Sean spotted the crappy pizza immediately, and for a few minutes he refused to eat the inferior stuff.

He better get used to it, because sometimes his parents are lazy.

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